Warum, Drumherum?

During the Weekend of Pfingsten…

A religious holiday known as Pentecost elsewhere, the city of Regen in the Bavarian woods is overrun with musicians and dancers. For 4 days every 2 years, Drumherum is here. Every street corner, every tavern, every inch of every street within the city center is full of life. since 1998 this festival has been a testament to the wide and varied folk music styles of Bavaria, The Czech Republic, Poland and even more. The smells of fresh food fill the air while the incredibly talented musicians practice their art.

Musicians in a crowded pub practicing their art, during the fest every single pub is filled to the brim.

Even if you are not a fan of the folk music, you can watch, and even take part in traditional dances of the region like waltz and Zwiefach. you may even run into a group performing a special dance known as “schuhplatteln” a highly technical and difficult dance which I suggest you look into. I will also post a video of the dance to the blog so you can see for yourself. The Festival is perhaps made even better by its setting.

The city of Regen, nestled deep in the woods, is dominated by the river which it is named for.

The city of Regen is deep in the Bavarian woods and nestled into a valley which is dominated by the river which bears the city’s namesake. The river splits at a pair of long islands which serve as parks during normal times, but at Drumherum the islands are full of musicians. Some are organized bands playing in stages venues spread throughout the city, but most are simply musicians who decided to come and play at a corner, maybe compete with fellow musicians. It is a paradise of music. You may even be able to see some unique home made instruments which have no real name.

A “Kirtabaum” in the central square of Regen, Celebrating Drumherum and Pfingsten.

Beer, of course is a huge part of this festival just like any other and the local brewery turns out big to provide what I can only imagine to be the largest amount of beer they will sell all year. All this is of course, leading up to the big party of Pfingsten, Pfingtritt. Join me next time and learn more about the celebration!

Best wishes on the Road,