Mt Roy: Wanaka’s best kept secret

The alarm went off at 6 am. Hubby muttered “No, no, no…” I mentally screamed “Yes, yes, yes!” I was out of bed in no time, full of excitement and joy. I had prepared for this day to come and I was ecstatic it had finally arrived. When you spend time in New Zealand you make sure to make the most of it – that includes a trip up Mt Roy. The country’s South Island is scattered with towering peaks, but few are as impressive as this one.

I’d seen awe-inspiring pictures of Mt Roy and God forbid my picture-hungry soul would drive by the town without stopping for a fine mountain hike.

We tend to be rather active on our adventures, however prior to arriving in New Zealand a tooth infection turned around everything. I had to take it slow, as ordered by the doctor. So we took a few days off to give my swollen face time to heal. The antibiotics helped  but also turned my guts upside down. My body did not want to be bothered with food that morning but I knew I needed the energy. Hubby wolfed down his cereals while simultaneously packing his bag and searching for his boots. I had neatly packed everything the night before. I felt so well prepared.

mt roy hike sheep

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