Celebration in Stuttgart

When My Good Friend, Sabrina…

Asked if my wife and I could attend her Boyfriend, Chris’ birthday party in Stuttgart, we gladly said yes. Stuttgart is a city about 1 and a half hours west of Ansbach, outside of Bavaria in the other Southern State of Baden Wuertemberg. It is known mostly as the home of Mercedes Benz and Porsche, but it was also the capitol of the Kingdom of Wuertemberg up until 1918 when the country became a state of Germany. Unfortunately, we were only able to spend about half of a day in the city, so we were unable to really do much of substance, but what we did get to do was phenomenal.

Like many of the major cities in Germany, Stuttgart was hit hard by World War 2. The old city was nearly entirely destroyed, so not too much remains of old Stuttgart. Stuttgart today is a mix of the old and new, a very modern city with a flair for industry. The Koenigstrasse serves as the city’s main shopping district and is absolutely HUGE. I haven’t seen a shopping road like this anywhere in Europe that I have been, granted I have many places to go but still, its huge. The main square is Scholssplatz, or “Palace Square” The square gets the name from the fact that the two main palaces of the Wuertemberg dukes surround the place. The old palace, which was originally a Medieval castle built more than 1000 years ago, and the New Palace which you can see in the photo above. The Old palace once had a massive complex of buildings associated with it in the area of the new palace and even a mote, but these structures have long since given way to more modern ones.

Luise in the gateway to the Old Palace, originally a massive Medieval Castle complex.

What was the castle is now the Baden Wuertemberg State Museum, with a huge collection of artifacts and historical objects dating all the way back from the Neolithic era to modern times. This place is a definite must see if you are interested in history. Just across the road from the Old Palace is the New Palace. In the 1700’s it was no longer fashionable for nobility to live in Castles, so the Duke of Wuertemberg had the new palace built as a status symbol. We didn’t get to tour the new palace but it will be a stop on our next trip there for sure.

We spent most of our mid morning and early afternoon window shopping and taking in the sights and smells. We went into a couple of the larger malls and I must say, Stuttgart has an obsession with shopping. Shops of every kind line the streets and malls here, there was even a flea market next to the Castle when we were there so if your a shopper, this is a place for you. Eventually we realized we were fairly hungry and found a familiar restaurant, Hans Im Gluck. Hans Im Gluck is a Hamburger restaurant with a stylish twist. Their burgers are insanely good and all unique. The interior looks like a forest with a bunch of thin aspen trunks lining the restaurant from front to back. We have been to one of these places before and I highly recommend them as a stop while you are in a major city. Most big cities have at least 2 of them so you will find one.

After lunch we headed back to our Hotel at the Motel One and got ready for our night out with Sabrina and Chris. Our hotel was positioned ideally, the U Bahn (Subway) Runs next to the place and there is a station less than 50 meters from the doors. Perfect. We used to U Bahn to get everywhere we went that day and I assure you that it is a much better option than driving in a city like this. We headed to the Moehringen train station around 1900 and arrived at the party just in time.

The party was fantastic, great music, great food and awesome company were the highlights. We ate and danced and talked, overall just had a great time. I want to really thank Chris and Sabrina for the invite, we will definitely be coming back in the future.

Overall we had a great time in Stuttgart, and even though we didn’t have time to hit the really big sites there, we got enough of a taste for it that I think we will return to make another adventure for those sites. Next time I plan on going into the new palace and the Porsche Museum, and maybe also some other things we missed on our short trip.

Till Next Time,