Wandering in Weiden

It was Cold and Raining, but…

We decided to go out for a day of exploration anyway. We were on Wernberg at our hotel and My wife, Luise looked at me and told me “My uncle lives Weiden, that’s pretty close.” So we packed up our cold weather stuff and hopped in the car.

Weiden is a small city in the Oberpfalz, about 1 hour North of our home. The city was first mentioned in the 1200’s and has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times over that long period. Specifically once again, by the Swedes. The city’s old section is a vibrant marketplace with a prominent City Hall, or Rathaus (Pictured above on the right), at the very center of the Marketplace. The Market place, as it does in many medieval cities, stands as the direct center of town and extends all the way from one gate to the opposite side of the city. I have never seen a Rathaus quite like the one in Weiden. It stands out like a sore thumb, directly in the center of the city and just begs for attention. Today it has shops and a passageway underneath it with tourist information, its a great place to stop if you appreciate medieval/renaissance architecture.

We walked up and down the Marketplace and windowshopped in the early afternoon. We had no other place to be so we took our time just walking through the city and experiencing the sites and the sounds and the people. it was a welcome relief from our last few hectic weekends. Weiden is definitely a good place to people watch, especially on farmer’s market days. Eventually we wandered to the older church in the City, a large yellow plastered catholic church with a large onion dome but unfortunately it was closed. When we walked around the corner we saw a site too good not to photograph…


Above on the left, you will notice a picture with a bicycle. The text above the bicycle reads, “Bitte kein fahrrad anlehnen” which means, please do not lean your bicycle here… but someone didn’t seem to mind the warning. CLASSIC.

Later in the afternoon we made our way back into the old marketplace from the newer side of town to find a coffe shop to enjoy a warm drink in before we headed back to Wernberg. We had seen a couple that looked interesting before when we had been wandering the marketplace amd decided to go back to one of those. It was called, “The Beanery”, and the moment we walked through the door I knew it was one of THOSE places. I was surrounded by hipsters. The shop itself was small and quaint with a definite hipster vide all around the place, but the coffee… Oh that coffee was good. I had ordered a CafĂ© Latte and Luise ordered a Hot Chocolate. I was just about to ask for a brownie I saw in their case when an employee brought out a platter of FRESH BAKED COOKIES. I died a little inside when I ate that cookie… SO GOOD. believe me when I say that this is a spot to hit up if you find yourself in Weiden.

After our coffee we gathered ourselves up in our car and made our way on back to Wernberg, the long way of course. I honestly kind of hoped to get at least a LITTLE lost on the way back, maybe see something ele awesome.

All the best from Bayernland,



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