The Beginning of our Journey…

There is no Better Feeling…

Than standing at the top of a mountain in the Bavarian woods after a long day of work to get there. The smell of the wind as it rolls, or sometimes whips by you. The incredible view of the Upper Palatinate below you and most importantly, the knowledge that in a few minutes you will be enjoying a cold, traditional Bavarian beer in the Berghuette (mountain house) to celebrate your victory.

So, I suppose there are a few things you should know about where I live.

  1. The region I live in is called the Oberpfalz, German for Upper Palatinate. Its a heavily wooded and very rural section of the Southern state of Bavaria.

  2. Basically my entire region is a giant national park, The Bayerwald. Literally translated, it means “Bavarian Woods”

  3. There are a multitude of beautiful mountains like the one above all along the Czech border.

  4. Nearly every single one of them serves beer and food at a guest house on the summit of the mountain.

  5. As you might imagine, all of these mean that there is nearly limitless adventure potential in the Oberpfalz alone, not to mention the Alps in Oberbayern, or the Black Forest in Baden Wuertemburg. So I made a decision: I would make it my goal to explore every nook and cranny I could find here and bring my knowledge and experience to the table here, online for all to see. That is the purpose of this blog.

On this medium, I , along with the other contributors, will keep memories, trials and adventures through the many Wanderwege (Walking or wandering ways) of my beloved home. There will be images, Articles of my different adventures and also as much video footage as I can get of the experience of wandering in this beautiful place and others across the world. So if you are ready for an adventure, follow this blog and get yourself ready to ride along with us. We start right now.

All the best on your way!

Ryan+The Wanderweg Crew


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